Seed Genetics International is backed by a team of experienced consultants specialising in all facets of our “Glasshouse to Warehouse” strategy. Our proven formula allows us to oversee operations right through from the initiation of our market driven R&D program to the moment our harvested varieties are packed and delivered to our clients. We maintain a strong focus towards customer satisfaction, efficient operations and providing consistent, high quality forage products.

Our services include:


Research, Development and Plant Breeding
SGI has a proven record of successfully developing new Alfalfa, White Clover and Clover varieties to service both the domestic and international markets.

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Marketing, Branding and Design
SGI has a wealth of experience in agricultural marketing solutions. Our market driven approach means we are able to work closely with our partners to develop private label brands with our top performing forage varieties.


Cleaning, processing, packaging
SGI pride ourselves on utilising the highest quality cleaning facilities in each of our growing regions.


Logistics management
SGI pride ourselves on the timely and accurate delivery of consignments. Whether it be overland, oversea or via the air we can organise the right service to ensure your seed meets its end destination.


Sales and Service
With our sales team is capable of entering into new and existing markets in both the northern and southern hemisphere.