Icon Alfalfa (Fall Dormancy 6/7) plants are moderately winter active with strong summer growth. Its strong growth from late autumn and through winter provides plentiful feed, filling the traditional winter feed gap. It persists exceptionally well under heavy rotational grazing, producing long term quality feed. Icon disease, insect and nematode resistance is exceptional with resistance to Phytophthora, Pea aphid, Spotted Alfalfa aphid and Blue Alfalfa aphid.

SuperNova (Fall Dormancy 9) is particularly bred and selected for its fine stems, resulting in enhance quality and superior forage yield in a variety of soils. Whilst the overall plant height is shorter, SuperNova forage yield surpasses both common varieties like CUF101 & Siriver.

SuperSonic (Fall Dormancy 9) plants are highly winter active with strong autumn and spring growth and recover vigorous after cutting. The vase shaped plants has low crowns and a high leaf to stem ratio. SuperSonic frequently delivers top forage yields, particularly in desert environments when cultivated under irrigation systems.