Over the past 11 years, Seed Genetics International have built an outstanding reputation for breeding high quality varieties of Alfalfa, White Clover and Clover seed for the Australian and international market. Each variety is recognised for its unique genetic characteristics that have been proven to generate high return per hectare to the farmer.

Alfalfa/Lucerne (Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is recognised as “the queen of forages”. It is traditionally used to grow forage products that service the livestock and dairy industries. With an increasing population and the realization of a future reduction to arable land, SGI’s aim is to consistently deliver high yielding non dormant varieties that enable plants to be grown under natural growing pressures such as drought and salinity, while maintaining grazing palatability and enriched nutritional profile.

White Clover/Dutch Clover (Trifolium repens)

A unique aspect of the SGI White Clover varieties SuperHaifa II and SuperHuia are bred for winter activity. Winter activity is rated out of a scale of ten with the most winter active plants being higher on the scale. This allows farmers to assess and cultivate the most suitable white clover variety for their environment and management practices. SGI varieties are renowned for high fodder and forage yield, particularly over the full 12 month production cycle. This extra production is achieved because of the increased productivity throughout colder months. This is essential as the cooler months are when the least amount of forage is available for grazing.

Annual Clovers

Border Balansa (Trifolium Balansae ) is an annual clover, and particularly adapted to a range of soil types ranging from sandy to heavy clays. Plants are tolerant of moderate periods of water inundation and water logging. Suitable to be grown in Australian, Mediterranean and other temperate environments, Border can be farmed under irrigation or under dry conditions (with rainfall of > 400mm). Border is an excellent single cut forage variety for use in mixtures with annual ryegrass or cereals to produce high quality hay or silage.